Thursday, November 8, 2007

Success Vs Failure

After reading this next blog, Bloggers, I realized that failure is a necessary evil. Failure lets us know when we have succeeded . Some of the Richest and most influential people in our history started their careers as failures only to bounce back and prove everyone wrong. These people range from Bill Gates to Michael Jordan to Abraham Lincoln. I found this blog to be interesting and a must read for anyone that has ever tried and failed. Someone once said that it doesn't matter that you get knocked down, the only thing that matters is how fast you get back up. I would have to agree and if failing helps me to become better at what I do until I am someday recognized as easily as these famous failures I say "bring it on" to life. I will take my hits and rise every time. I may never get known for blogging but I will get known for something, of that I am sure. Anyone with a never surrender attitude will enjoy reading about the 16 Most Inspiring Famous Failures, I know I did.

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