Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Start Your Own Business

In February of this year I decided I had worked too many years trying to make someone else rich and decided to start my own business. I spent the next 3 months almost starving as I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong, I had started a service related business that other companies in my area were turning a good profit at so what were they doing that was different than myself? One day as I was contemplating closing down, I received a call and instantly things clicked, I had been targeting too broad a range of potential clients while ignoring the one area that I could really make some money in. Since that day, I have watched my business expand by leaps and bounds. Over at EISAX you can read about over 100 service related businesses you can start. The odds are against new businesses but I am proof that if you stick with it and learn to recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunity when it knocks, the world is yours. You are only limited by your own mind.

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