Thursday, December 20, 2007

Free Blog Reviews

I have been unable to post in the last few weeks as I had workers out with the flu and had to step in and get jobs done. I will resume posting free blog reviews tomorrow. Interested bloggers should comment below so that I may find your blogs.


Prince Of Wall Street said...

Please review my blog. Thanks.

Prince of Wall Street is a daily updated financial blog covering finance news, finance gossip, economic commentary, and the madness of wall street. It also offers a glimpse into the mundane life of a junior investment banker. Recurring features include "King of the Week", "Blog King of the Week", "Book Review of the Month", and "Trade of the Week".

Anonymous said...

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izzy69rocks said...

Nice blog you have.....

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Thanks for the invite.

Jack Payne said...

Would sure appreciate a review of my Con Man's Blog.


Webster Twelb said...

Hello there! Thank you for adding me in your blogcatalog friends. I'd like to have my blog reviewed.

Thanks a lot!

Happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Please review:

Anonymous said...

Thank you for adding me to your list of friends. When you have time I would appreciate a blog review: Thanks!

BlueSmile said...

I am here :p

TH Yeoh said...

please review my blog at

Taylor Blue said...

here is my blog

I just changed over to a .com.

RennyBA said...

A review on RennyBA's Terella about Norway and the Nordic countries; our culture, traditions and habits would have been nice :-)

Wishing you a great Holiday or God Jul as we say it over here!

moooooog35 said...

If you have some time, and are immune to topics of bodily functions and sarcasm, you can check my site:

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Be careful - it's messy in there.


Allan said...

My blog is a bit of different type. It's an indie mp3 blog. Covering artists people haven't heard of!

It's cool if you don't want to do a review of this. Couldn't hurt posting a comment though.

Kevin Flatt said...

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suresh said...

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