Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Improve Your Credit Score

The Better Credit Blog is a must read for anyone wanting to better understand FICO Scores and little things we as consumers can do to improve our credit ratings. It is a wealth of information that I wish I had ten years ago and am very thankful I have now. Most people fail to realize that each time someone runs a credit check on them, their FICO score is penalized points and that repeated checks over an extended period of time can actually hurt even the most stable of bill payers that never miss a payment. This blog is even awesome enough to offer advice on how and when to renegotiate credit limits and interest rates. I would urge you to read this blog whether you already have credit or even if you are just thinking of applying for credit in the future. Through the simple act of learning all that you can in advance, you are better preparing for your own financial future.

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