Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Add Captions to Normal Images

As anyone that views my blog can clearly see, I myself am not real big on adding images as they often play no part in a blog review however I do have friends with web sites that are what I refer to as image heavy. Recently, while visiting a friend I had noticed he had uploaded some pictures he had taken of his family on vacation that he had added cartoon like captions to. I was amazed because they really turned out great so I asked him to explain how he had done it. It was then that I first heard of The Bubblenator, a site that is designed to take all the work out of adding captions to your pictures. The site even allows you to choose whether to use speech bubbles or thought bubbles like you sometimes see in the comics section of the newspaper or even in comic books and it allows you to add up to three different bubbles to each picture. The possibilities are almost endless as you could use this for your own web site or with a little imagination, you could do as my wife did when I showed her the site. She added captions to our Christmas card photo and made really custom Christmas cards for all of our friends and family. I am sure she will think of many other uses as well and she has bookmarked The Bubblenator for future use.


Sue said...

Great advice. I really enjoy your blog. Merry Christmas!!!

Unknown said...

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