Friday, December 28, 2007

Biker Babes

I was asked to review Biker Chickz Blog and as soon as I saw it I was impressed. This blog is well written and had some awesome pictures to compliment the posts. This blog really hit home for me as my brother works at Rt. 17 Motorcycle Accessories in Portsmouth,Va and I have seen the very birth of that shop. I have gotten to personally meet Dana Doench, a top female Bike Builder that is a tomboy at heart but a real lady in the class department. It wasn't until that day that I knew females even built bikes but as any reader of Biker Chickz Blog can easily see, being a Biker is no longer a male thing. Anyone that has ever ridden or wanted to ride will enjoy this blog, male or female.


Becky said...

Thanks alot for the rave review on my biker blog! I really appreciate it.


ShadowKnight said...

What a great article. Love it a lot. Keep riding!