Sunday, February 3, 2008

Win $500 from Business Blogger

Thats right, Business Blogger is giving away a cool $500 and a BFG NVIDIA Graphics Card and as we all know, free is my favorite flavor. Why else would I give free blog reviews to the blogosphere? This contest is amazingly easy to enter. All a reader must do is provide a link to the contest itself as I have done above, another link to Business + Directory, and finally post length must be 250 words.
I have seen a lot of contests but this one has some truly amazing prizes and all coming from a blog that is a pleasure to read anyway. This contest is supposed to span the entire month of February so there is really no excuse for not taking the time needed to write a post, enter the contest, and try to walk away from it all $500 richer after being paid through PayPal. The runner up will be the receiver of the BFG NVIDIA Graphics Card so in all there will be two winners from one contest. How sweet is that? Even if you do not get lucky enough to be one of the winners, even if you decide you do not have time to write the required 250 word post, I still urge you to check out this blog as it is just that awesome, from the easy on the eyes template to the very interesting posts this blog is a diamond in the rough just waiting for you to discover it. I myself a going to be subscribing to the RSS feed so I will be sure to catch all future posts coming out of Business Blogger. Remember this contest expires at the end of February so start writing your entry post and good luck to everyone, especially me :-)


Franco said...

Hi..I have added your link to You have a great blog. Thanks for sharing.



p.s. Do visit and register at -

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the notice about this contest. I love entering blogging contests!

MixGrapeVine said...

Hi, I have your link as well, thanks, I entered the contest as well. Nice blog! Cheers on who wins!

br3adman said...

great tips,i wish i could get a review on my little bitty blog from such a great person..