Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wikinvest: a new investing research portal!

I was just over at and was amazed by all the information available for various companies. For instance, if I were to mention the term gameboy , most of you would instantly associate it with the company that produced it and now produces the Wii, Nintendo, yet how many of us know that Nintendo was formed 118 years ago to sell playing cards? I did not set out to do research on Nintendo but I did discover many interesting things that I may or may not see posed as questions some day when playing Trivial Pursuit with family or friends. The Nintendo Wii was able to outsell its competition, the Sony Playstation 3 by a margin of four to one around the world, thats pretty impressive even for a company that brought such great games as The Legend of Zelda series, Mario Brothers, and Donkey Kong into our homes to be not only played but immortalized in gaming history. In June of this last year, Nintendo's stock price had the company valued at about 53 Billion dollars. The Japanese company's name even translates into "the company that leaves to heaven" and although I'm not sure if even they can achieve such heights, they are certainly more than a few rungs up the ladder of success with every indication of continuing the climb to the top.


Mark Antony said...

Very interesting..I remember using SNES 16 bit system, though the last few years, Nintendo have been left behind by Playstation, in my view. In terms of software, Nintendo are well behind.

Oscar said...

i didn't know that about Nintendo, I love info surfing as i call it, to start with different intentions only to find yourself completely raptured in a different subject. the other day I was studying the mass migrations in Mesopatamia ( post WW1), and it all started with googling the genographic project. I wonder how the hell we all survived before the internet, one day I'll be an old man telling my grandchildren about life before the internet, hoping that they'll be able to comprehend it.
I came to your blog not expecting much and was pleasantly suprised at the thorough research you've done, you have a new subscriber, keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Sad thing is the misinformed people who actually believe the Nintendo Wii is a good system. You say that the Wii outsold the PS3 4 to 1 but you failed to mention that the PS3 was almost 3 times the cost of such a crappy ass system.

I wonder if that site of your mentions how Nintendo used to run sex hotels as well..