Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Competent Sales Team - A Vital Ingrediant to Any Business

As I am a small business owner, I remember the early days when my company was just starting. I was working incredibly long hours between finding the next customer, making contact, structuring the deal, doing the job itself and then coming home to fill out and submit invoices to insure that myself and my then only part time worker got paid in a timely manner. I truly know my business from the ground up because I have at one time or another done every job in my company and carried every title. Sure I was the company owner but I was also the President / CEO, I handled the accounting, I was the only salesperson, and when needed I was nothing more than a laborer working right along side my employees( which I still do almost daily). Time has seen my business grow nicely and with more work I soon realized I can not possibly do everything myself so when it was time to renew my business license this year, I chose to also hire an accountant as well as a few commission based salespersons to relieve some of my workload. That alone was like seeing freedom for the first time in forever. My sales team has been a success in bringing me new customers and I fully believe that I could have earned so much more profit last year had I only hired them earlier on. I was lucky enough to get a good sales team but many businesses are not and may need to have their sales persons attend some sort of Sales Training, that is where comes in at, they even offer an online academy that is bound to have your sales team performing at a higher standard in record time. I would recommend any small business looking to grow check them out and see what they can do for you.

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