Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Help Me Pick a New Cell Phone Provider

For what feels like forever now I have been using Virgin Mobile Pre-Paid and I am finally over always having to go out and buy top-up cards. To be honest, I don't know too much about the different cell phone providers so I am bringing my problem to the blogosphere to help me solve. I need a cell phone and carrier that offers me the following :

1. must have a camera

2. must have blue tooth technology

3. must get a signal without me having to stand on one foot, finger touching my nose,sticking my tongue out,and reciting the alphabet...backwards!

4.must offer a lot(if not unlimited) minutes at a great price, same with texting.

I have been advised by several people to use Nextel only to have others tell me how much it sucked for them. Alltel seems to be another provider a certain someone is recommending to me but once again I hear horror stories. Since I obviously can not make up my own mind, I welcome any advice...both about what service is good as well as what service to avoid.


Ann said...

I use AT&T/Cingular wireless for my cell phone and my laptop connection. I have the Samsung SHG-A707 phone, which has everything you described plus internet access if you want it. It's a great phone! I use a Sierra wireless USB connection unit that I can also install on my PC if I want, also AT&T/Cingular.

I have had very few instances of dropped calls, and I live in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains. I get a good signal even when I go further up into the hills and mountains.

All in-network calls are free. Out of network calls are cheap. You can use a memory card to store photos, videos with sound, all kinds of stuff and put it in your computer.

I don't like Alltel at all. Regardless of what they advertise, I found in the past that it was hard to get a plan I could use and they were a bit, um.. arrogant about providing support. Besides, I can remember when it was just a redneck out-of-ma bell-limits phone company called Allied Telephone.

My total bill for internet on my laptop and my cell phone is about $80 a month. It's unlimited data transfers, all that good stuff, and it's the only connection I use and the only phone I use. It's been much more reliable than any other phone and/or provider I've used in the past.

Moonshadow said...

I like our Sprint service that we have had for years. I've heard others complain, but they've done good by me. I don't know where you're wanting coverage for so I can't really recommend it unless you're in they're coverage area. As far as your actual phone needs, the equipment ranges as do the packages that go with them. I have a Mogul which is a pocket PC. I have had a pocket PC for several years and really like it.

Brian Hawkins said...

No disrespect to Moonshadow but I had Nextel for years and loved it. Then Sprint bought them now I hate it.

Here's a good test, go to the website of the carriers you're considering and look for actual contact info. I couldn't find a number or contact form anywhere on Sprint's site. That was a while ago so it may have changed.

More and more providers are coming out with unlimited minute plans. That may be something to consider.

Good luck, Brian

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marc said...

t mobile has been the lesser of the evils for me. I have used all other major providers and had many issues with each. i hear at&t, whom i used to work for, is the worst in terms of contract rules and network speed.

but, u might get better info from "the consumerist" site

naturaldoc said...

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