Sunday, February 10, 2008


I would like to congratulate Lynda Lippin of Pilates and Reiki in Paradise for accepting my challenge to post a counter argument on the benefits of business ownership. I just finished reading over her post and found it well thought out and written from the perspective of a person that had been there and done that. I found her blog filled with many interesting posts having to do with with things that pertained to a wide spectrum of subjects and this really surprised me because when I saw the word Pilates in the header, my first thought was "and what do I know about that? What make me qualified to even pretend to know anything at all about pilates?" Once I saw the titles of some of her posts I realized this blog could be enjoyed by anyone. In her counter argument, Linda laid out a very good description of what business ownership can be like, long days that never seem to end and constant stress to go find your next customer. I too suffered through that aspect during the first year of my business but somewhere along the way I managed to succeed in developing a goal oriented group of team players and while I am still dealing with some rather stressful days, I am finding these fewer and farther between. In short, my whole reason for issuing this challenge was because as a small business owner that succeeded, I know how rare it is to make it your first 6 months for new businesses, much less your first year, yet if you read most blogs out that choose to deal with this issue, you should all run out and quit your jobs today, start a business and live happier and wealthier ever after. I wanted readers to get a better perspective of what business ownership truly entails and I believe Lynda did a great job explaining 22 Reasons Why Owning Your Own Business Can Stink. I urge any future entrepreneurs to check it out before quitting their day jobs.

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Lynda Lippin said...

Thanks for the review! I owned my own business for 10 years and while they were successful the stress was just inordinate.

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