Sunday, May 4, 2008

Relationship Advice Anyone?

I was just reading 10 Ways To Be A Good Husband over at this blog and I think the advice was really good. Don't worry if you are a female blogger though, this is 2008 and all of these rules can be reversed to pertain to being a good wife as well. This blog is a good read and full of relationship advice, not that I personally think I need any, I guess that would depend on whether you were to ask my wife or my girlfriend. Seriously though, as if I wasn't being serious before (was I?), go check out the link I provided and that goes for you non married people as well, someday this advice may prove helpful to you.


A Good Husband said...

Thanks for the review!

Tim said...

That was a good, well written article on the 10 ways to be a good husband. Thanks for sharing it!

Also, I noticed you mentioned that if we wanted our blog reviewed to post a comment in your most recent post. Well, here's my request! I realize you said you're busy with your business (hey thats a good problem to have!), so if you ever are looking for a blog to review in the future, please consider my personal finance/real estate investing blog: The Money Kings


Nicole said...

Thank you for the glowing review. It made me smile. I appreciate the advice and I DO treasure every moment with my 3 boys!